Sterling Funding
Sterling Funding
Sterling Funding

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"You're About To Learn Secrets That Most Merchants Will NEVER Know About Cash Flow And Alternative Financing That Can Save Or Help Grow Your Business......."

Inside you'll discover:

  • How to get extra cash whenever you need it.
  • Get the money from next month's sales NOW.
  • Get the cash flow to save your business.
  • Get the funds to expand your business.
  • Why selling future credit card sales is better than a business loan.
  • Get the cash you need even when credit is tight.
  • Opportunity Cost -What it is, and why it is the most important thing to consider.
  • How you can make your own Small Business Bailout by selling your future sales for cash now.

When the air conditioner went out in my restaurant, Merchant Services Division got me the cash I needed to get it fixed right away. That was a real lifesaver. With the extra cash I got I was also able to upgrade some of my tables.

---Dave, Spadra Ristorante

When the local soccer league gave me their uniform business, I got an advance to buy an embroidery machine and silk screen printer. Taking advantage of this opportunity increased my yearly sales 47%.

---Hugo, The Shoe Spot

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